Elearning B. Inggris

Offering to Help

Offering to Help 1.Would you like something to drink? 2.Shall I get you something to drink? 3.Let me give you something to drink   Accepting an Offer 1.Thank you very much 2.Yes, please 3.That’s very kind of you   Making Request 1.Can I have some water please? 2.Could you tell me…? 3.Will you wait a […]


Pawn swap:  Plainclothes police officers escort a member of the Islam Defenders Front ( FPI ), Irwan ( center, wearing jacket ), from the hard-line group’€™s headquarters in Petamburan, Central Jakarta, on Friday. ( JP/DON ) The recent power struggle among political elites may have spilled out onto the street on Friday, as a hardline group with […]

Example of Report Text

Example of Report Text A.     Platypus; a report text Many people call platypus duckbill because this animal has a bill like duckbill. Platypus is a native Tasmania and southern and eastern Australia. Platypus has a flat tail and webbed feet. Its body length is 30 to 45 cm and covered with a thick, and woolly layer of […]